My name is Alexei and I am the developer who cares.

Public projects

vkstalk - Scraper for vk.com. Provides a barebones stalker, a console interface and a web interface. Allows spawning "stalkers" to collect public user data and monitor user updates. When data is available, several types of reports can be generated. Screenshots, more information on usage and the code can be found in the GitHub repository

Responsibilities: Web scraping; Full-stack development; CLI app development.

Technologies: MaterializeCSS, Pug, JavaScript, PhantomJS, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, socket.io.

Updating californiacanvasdesigns - This was a job on UpWork, that required making californiacanvasdesigns.com mobile-responsive. My bid did not win. However, I was interested in doing this job. Following are the original version ( Before), the one reworked by me ( After) and the version made by the winning UpWork bidder ( Current):

Responsibilities: Frontend development; Code refactoring; Improving page speed.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, pureCSS, JavaScript, Pug (formerly Jade), Gulp, jQuery.

leshik.io - Personal website

Responsibilities: Design; Frontend development.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Netinfo - Company website.

Responsibilities: PSD->HTML; Full-stack development; Team lead.

Technologies: Wordpress, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.